Sleepy? Good!

When you do not get the proper amount of sleep, you are sabotaging your weight loss goals; not to mention your mental clarity, emotional well-being and hormonal balance. Sleep is a necessary ingredient to living a healthy life; with good quality sleep being the absolute goal.

If you are not sleeping well, the first thing to do is to determine the reason.

Are you drinking too much caffeine throughout the day? (Be honest). If that is the case, begin by alternating your caffeinated drinks with fresh water or herbal tea, and slowly move toward more of this and less latte.

Does your sleeping space hinder sleep? Are your sheets clean and comfy. Are you too cold or too hot? Is your alarm clock or the street lights too bright? Noisy street, noisy neighbors, noisy dog barking?  All of these things and more can contribute to sleepless nights, but all of these can be remedied. Change the sheets, make sure you have just the right amount of covers for the season, buy a new alarm clock, invest in blackout shades/curtains to keep the outside light pollution from coming in and, if need be, have a soundproof window installed in your bed room.

Is worry keeping you up at night? Relax. Worry is like a prayer for what you do not want. It effects you on every level, and not in a positive way. Before bed, make sure you spend just 10 minutes in a quiet place. Perhaps even sip on some chamomile lavender tea. Then put that head on the pillow and sleep. If you find yourself mulling over past injustices or future bothersome probabilities, just choose to stop. Realize it’s that human part of you being too involved with things over which you have no control (and probably do not need to control anyway). Take a nice big sigh and move past it.

Are you overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time? You need to ease that troubled mind. At the end of each work day make a list of the things you need to accomplish the next day.  When you are done writing the list, put it out of your mind. Commit to leaving it be for night and let it come back to you when you arrive the next morning. Another thing you can do is to say the following statement to yourself and know it! “I have plenty of time and everything I need to accomplish what I need to do.” Say it again and again throughout your day. And finally BREATHE! How we take this simple tool for granted. As soon as you feel overwhelmed, close your eyes and take 3 deep, slow breaths. It eases the tension from your mind and body.

Good night, sleep right.

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