Heart Health – Build a Strong Heart!

It’s February and we celebrate the heart! Our heart is such a wonderful organ. It works day in and day out whether we are sleeping or awake. So, in honor of our hard working heart, I will be providing you with some great information throughout the month about how to help keep your heart strong and keep it pumping for many years to come.

Today we are going to talk about exercise! I know it may seem like a difficult activity to fit in to your already busy schedule, but there are ways that you can easily include into your daily routine. What if I were to tell you that all you need is 20 minutes a day. No kidding!

You can forgo those hour long walks and aerobic routines if you commit to a 20 minute heart pumping routine that will not only strengthen your heart, but will also rev up your metabolism and burn fat like no other exercise.  You need not do this form of exercise every day, just two or three days a week will do the trick. Round out the other days with some yoga, stretching or weight training.

Your 20 minute routine is cardio interval training. You will warm up for a few minutes, then do a heart pumping exercise for 20 – 30 seconds, rest for 60 – 90 seconds, then repeat over and over until you have completed 8 cycles. Cool down and stretch for the remaining time.

The intensity will depend on your current fitness level. You may wish to start out with fast walking or running for your high intensity sections, then slow walking for the resting parts.  Other cardio intervals ideas may be jumping jacks, running in place, or kickboxing. To really rev it up, you can do plyo jacks, mountain climbers, or jump rope.

Make a point to include cardio intervals to your weekly exercise routine and you will be building an amazingly strong heart!


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