Valentine, Be Mine (for a long time)

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, it is time to start thinking about what you are going to get the love of your life. Although you do not need to limit yourself to chocolate, let’s face it – we love chocolate! And nothing says “Valentine, Be Mine” like the decadent, flavorful, smoothness of chocolate.

Packed with heart healthy flavonoids, dark chocolate is good for your heart. Just an ounce (or maybe two) a day can have a positive impact on that loving heart of yours. If you have high blood pressure, studies show that dark chocolate can help to lower it, as well as drop levels of bad cholesterol. Dark chocolate can also keep you looking and feeling young! It is full of anti-oxidants which protect the body from aging caused by free radicals.

Wondering where to find some amazing chocolates? Try Intentional Chocolate which is made from Hawaiian chocolate and blessed by monks. 50% of the profits go to charity (now that warms the heart). For some enticingly exotic flavors check out Vosges Chocolate; offering chocolate bars with names like Cherry Rooibos, Black Salt Caramel, and Red Fire you could be igniting some romance with your honey. Gnosis Chocolate is ethically sourced raw cacao from Bali, Ecuador, and Peru. Their chocolate is made with superfoods, low glycemic sweeteners, nutrient dense fruits, nuts, & medicinal herbs sourced fastidiously from the Amazon to the Himalayas. As well, Gnosis Chocolate is free of refined sugars, cholesterol, gluten, dairy and soy which make them especially good for your Valentine.

Aside from chocolate, remember to tell you Valentine how much they mean to you. Thoughtful words honoring your love and what they have brought into your life may be the absolute best gift for them and their heart; and keep them around for a long time to come. Happy Valentines Day!

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