What the Codes on Produce Mean?

By now, you have probably become a label reader. You scan the labels to look for those ingredients that you cannot even fathom putting into your body, like high fructose corn syrup for example. You are also more than likely checking out how many grams of protein or fiber are in the foods that you choose. As well, we have learned to be rather diligent about checking out how many grams of sugar a product may contain (does this still seem to shock you as much as it does me?).

Let’s take those label reading skills up a notch and look at our produce. Though not “labeled” per say, the produce bar codes reveal some rather interesting information. Don’t just go by the names on the signs; check the numbers on the tags to get the real story.

Below are a listing of produce codes and what they say about the produce you are buying:

1)    A 5 number code starting in 9 means that the produce is organic.

2)    A 5 number code starting in 8 means that is it genetically modified.

3)    A 4 number code starting in 4 means it is conventional; chemical fertilizers and pesticides were used.

4)    A 4 number code starting in 3 means it is irradiated.

You can also check out Fruit Sticker, which is a wonderful site that allows you to type in the actual codes on your produce and find out if the produce is organic, genetically modified, conventional or irradiated.

It is my goal to empower you with knowledge about the food you eat and provide to your family. For more information about my nutritional programs, please feel free to call me at 800.493.8982.

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