It’s Kidney Season

Did you know that our organs have “seasons” in which they naturally purge, cleanse and rebuild.  We are currently in the Kidney Season.  So now is a perfect time to be proactive in supporting your kidneys.

Kidney support could include:

  • Eating asparagus
  • Drinking Corn Silk, Parsley, or Hydrangea Teas
  • Taking a Kidney formula; either herbal or homeopathic
  • Drinking HALF your body weight in ounces of water Daily
  • Dumping the Sodas….Artificial Sweeteners ….all non GOD food. Rather than soda, consider sparkling water with a bit of flavored stevia.
  • Take a look at WHAT you are putting on your skin….the kidney has to detox it as well.  Instead of using a standard body lotion, consider using first cold pressed extra-virgin olive oil. Put it on your skin right out of the bath (before drying off). If it is good for you to eat, it is good for you skin!
  • Dry Brushing daily – dry brushing opens the skin, allowing it to release toxins, and lightens the load on the kidneys

Support Your Kidneys as they are part of your Temple of LIFE.



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