The Hearty Heart

Heart disease is prevalent in our society, and though we can point to the more obvious reasons; poor diet, lack of exercise, too much weight, etc – there is a less obvious reason. And this is our emotional health.

Your heart is very tied to your emotional health. Think about the number of sayings we have that use our heart to aptly express our feelings. We say that we are sincere “from the bottom of my heart.” We express that loving actions “do my heart good.” We are “whole-hearted” and “full of heart.”

When we are young our hearts are open; but as we go through life and experience pain, we may begin to close our hearts off from the world. When we are hurt by another we feel that person is “cold hearted” or they have a “heart of stone.” The pain causes us to feel “heartbroken” or as if we have been “stabbed in the heart.” We quite literally cut our hearts off; our blood vessels constrict and plaque develops. We begin to believe that an open heart will only lead to more pain.

Obviously, however, we are not helping but hurting our hearts in the process. Rather than cut our hearts off, we need to instead fully feel our emotions. When we allow ourselves to feel our emotions we can then move to a place where we can healthfully process and release the emotions. This will in turn create a stronger heart.

In other words, when you are hurting, go ahead and feel that hurt. It is part of being human. Go to a quiet place, feel the pain, cry it out until the last tear has fallen. Now be done with it; you are done when you feel no need to revisit that pain.  Allow yourself to go back out into the world with an open heart, knowing that you now have an even stronger heart.

Processing your emotions serves to create a “hearty” heart!


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