PAIN- the Gift of Power

We don’t see pain as a gift, but more of a “Why me?”  However, if we change our perspective on pain, we simultaneously gift ourselves the ability to gain great power.  At one point in my life I was crippled with fibromyalgia. I could barely walk and would literally crawl to my then 1-1/2 year old baby to feed him.  Traditional Medical Doctors told me that there was nothing that could be done. I was told that down the road I would be facing MS.

In my 11th hour, I told God that I would do whatever I needed to do to escape this infliction. And God said, “You are not open for my message.”  In that moment I understood that I needed to change my inner world and my way of thinking so that I could become open to receive the messages that were all around me.

Before my 11th hour I was a successful corporate district manager. I was at the top of my game, my districts consistently outperformed, and I defined myself by this success. One day I was up, and almost suddenly I was down. So far down that I was literally crawling on the floor. What happened?

What had happened was that I had closed myself off. I was locked into one form of success and had failed to be open to more. This pain was my gift. So I opened to God’s message. And God brought to me a friend that, well, I considered a little out there. I had been a slick business suit gal, and this friend came to me wearing white socks with Birkenstocks. I had to be open.

She taught me about healing with herbs. As I opened to this information, I began to learn more. I then began to utilize what I had learned. And over time I became healed. Eventually I became a Master Herbalist and a Naturopath. And I didn’t stop there, I just kept learning, always remaining open to what I was to learn next. Eventually I become dedicated to helping others to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Pain tells us that we are not open to God’s message. When you experience pain, become open and listen. Hear the message and allow yourself to become more. Within this is great Power.

About angiechaudoir

I am dedicated to providing affordable alternative and/or complimentary services to align the body, mind and spirit to heal. Contact me at 1-800-493-8982 or
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