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Spearmint Tea and Acne

Long gone are the days when acne was exclusively considered a “teenage issue.” I know people well into their 40s and beyond that are plagued with acne, and no topical lotion or supplement seems to help. A clean diet can … Continue reading

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On Line Weight Loss Help

One of the most wonderful things about the internet is the amazing amount of information available to us. I spent some time surfing the net recently and came across some wonderful items; helpful for realizing your weight loss goals. I … Continue reading

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Simple Health Tweak a Week

If we “take on” too much in making changes we can get overwhelmed. As a result we may end up just ditching the whole plan. Instead, make small changes. For example, what if you made one easy change a week? … Continue reading

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Drink Your Milk?

As children we were often told, “Drink your milk.” Parents, teachers and advertisements told us that milk was good for us and that it will build strong bones. But today’s milk is not without controversy. For example, according to information … Continue reading

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Eating O’ the Green

Yesterday was St. Patty’s Day and you saw a lot of green. Today, commit to eating green; specifically dark leafy green vegetables which tend to be missing from many diets.  Just ½ cup per day provides a most tasty way … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Yogurt! (It’s so easy!)

In an earlier blog I talked about how probiotics help keep the sniffles and sneezes from allergies at bay. Your best defense is early preparation and taking probiotics is a great way to start. Keep in mind that you can also … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Pine Needles

We tend to overlook our own backyard as a place to find nourishment and healthy choices. I am not talking about starting a garden, but using what is already there and abundant. Take pine needles for example. Most people are … Continue reading

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