Spearmint Tea and Acne

Long gone are the days when acne was exclusively considered a “teenage issue.” I know people well into their 40s and beyond that are plagued with acne, and no topical lotion or supplement seems to help. A clean diet can go a long way, however, sometimes this isn’t even enough to keep those pimple from rearing their ugly heads.

Lately, however, I have been made aware of the effects of spearmint tea on acne and wanted to share this with you. This seems to be especially beneficial to acne that results from hormonal imbalance. Recent studies show that spearmint tea may help to balance those hormones along with other imbalances associated with androgen disorders.

Drinking just 2 cups of spearmint tea per day, over a period of 6 weeks, can have an amazing effect on clearing up acne. Spearmint has chemical compounds called cephalic which have a relaxing and cooling effect on the stress activity levels of the brain. As well, spearmint binds to excess male hormones, or androgens, within the bloodstream, that trigger complexion issues.

Also consider essential oil of spearmint. Its antiseptic qualities are ideal for healing acne outbreaks; it may be too harsh to use full strength, so be sure to mix it with a carrier oil (jojoba for example). It may also be ingested if it is of a pure grade, add a drop or two to some warm water and drink it as you would a tea. You can also use it to steam your face; add a few drops to a bowl of hot water, and steam your face over the bowl with a towel draped over your head to get the full affect.

Please share with me if this remedy works for you!

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1 Response to Spearmint Tea and Acne

  1. eric says:

    I read on acne.org that a woman tried this for a few months and it cut her sebum production by 75% which was contributing to her acne breakouts. For men there is caution as it may decrease sex drive but there is no data to support that. I think this and wheat grass are two great teas to deal with internal issues that lead to acne flare ups I’d drink both.

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