Spring Cleaning for Less Stress

When our living spaces are cluttered, they feel chaotic. When things are unorganized it’s hard to find what we need and keep track of what we have. We find it difficult to relax and as a result experience unnecessary stress. Remedy the situation right away by getting the family involved with a bit of spring cleaning.

While cleaning, keep in mind the Feng Shui principle of love it or lose it. If you do not love it, then it must go, it’s that easy. Doing so opens up space and allows the chi to flow.

Here are some places to get started:

  • Start with clothing. Make it a rule that if you have not worn the item for the past two seasons, let it go. Donate slightly worn items to charity, and turn older clothing into rags or dust cloths.
  • For other closets in the house, there is a tendency to throw stuff in there and think “out of sight, out of mind.” Put your mind on those items now. If you are holding onto mementos, knick knacks, long forgotten crafts, get rid of them. Outdated cell phones and chargers can be recycled.  Giving your closets some room to breathe helps the whole house breathe.
  • Whatever clothing or items you plan on keeping, make sure to spend some time on organization; the rule here is that “everything has its place.” When all is easier to locate, there is a better chance of less stress down the road.
  • Minimize where possible. If you have shelves of CDs and DVDs, purchase some CD/DVD Portfolios. This will allow you to throw away, or better yet reuse or recycle, the cases. To find out where to recycle DVD cases click here, for CD cases click here.
  • Look through your pantries and throw out all outdated food. Any food that is no longer in alignment with your current eating habits can be donated to a food pantry or food bank.
  • Be honest with yourself about those projects you are going to get to someday. Really? Will you really get to it? If not, get rid of it. If it is taking up space for someday, it is creating a clogged up area in the now.
  • Stop collecting! This may require support from a friend, family or a therapist, especially if your collection is spilling over into every nook and cranny of your home. Ask yourself if your collection is a valuable use of your time, energy, money and space. If not, part ways. Box them up, take them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill and let them find another home.

Start with these ideas. As you de-clutter and create flow you will find even more spaces just ready to release their clutter too. Share your ideas with us below!

About Angie Chaudoir:

Angie is dedicated to providing affordable alternative and/or complimentary services to align the body, mind and spirit to heal. Contact her at 1-800-493-8982 or angie@familyholistichealthsolutions.com.

About angiechaudoir

I am dedicated to providing affordable alternative and/or complimentary services to align the body, mind and spirit to heal. Contact me at 1-800-493-8982 or info@familyholistichealthsolutions.com.
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1 Response to Spring Cleaning for Less Stress

  1. Bev LaCost says:

    When clearing out clothes closet, arrange the keepers by color. Sure makes it easier when getting dressed.

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