Great Greens!

There is no need to go out of your way to get your greens. Greens can easily be added to or substituted for foods that you already cook and eat. Here are some very easy ways to get those glorious greens into your diet.

1)  Oh So Saucy: Add chopped greens to your tomato based sauces. Simply sauté the greens in some olive oil and add to your sauce.

2)  Pretty Plates: Use a spring mix of salad greens as the base for a tuna salad, a mixture of chicken and strawberries dressed with light poppy seed dressing or tomato slices with fresh mozzarella in a balsamic vinaigrette.

3)  Smoothie Move: Add a quality green food powder to your smoothies. Also, add a handful of spinach to a fruit smoothie; try spinach with pears, bananas or mangoes.

4)  Soup-er: Just as was suggested with sauces, the same applies to adding greens to soups. Chopped spinach need not even be sautéed, simply stir it in a finished soup.  Also , here is a healthy and easy Lettuce Soup recipe.

5)  Wrap it Up: Use big green leaf lettuce in place of bread or a tortilla for a healthy wrap. Large leaves can also be used in place of rice paper for spring rolls; simply roll up some cooked rice noodles, thin strips of chicken, matchstick cut carrots and cucumber, fresh basil and mint. Serve with a Peanut Sauce or a Quick Dipping Sauce.

6)   Go Bowling: Small lettuce leaves can be used as “bowls” for healthy appetizers such as chicken chunks with mango in a yogurt curry sauce, feta cheese and almonds finished with a dab of balsamic vinegar or shrimp in a spicy chili sauce.

7)  Pass the Bar: When you’re on the go you can always have a natural green energy bar on hand. To make your own, try this recipe.

Make a habit of adding greens to your everyday choices and you will reap the benefits of this wonderful whole food in no time! Share your Great Green Recipes and Ideas with us below!

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