Interesting Uses for Everyday Foods

It’s never a bad idea to be better informed and know how certain foods (or drinks) can aid us in more ways than one. Here are some interesting uses for everyday foods that you may have yet to come across.

Tomatoes for Burns: For minor burns apply tomato slices and allow the lycopene rich juice to dry. Lycopene is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and will aid the healing process.

Walnuts for Dry Skin: Eating one ounce of omega-3 rich walnuts daily will improve the elasticity and moisture in your skin.

Vodka for Poison Ivy: Perhaps martinis are in store for a camp out? If your skin has come in contact with poison ivy, immediately pour vodka (some say it must be at least 100 proof to work) on the affected area. The vodka washes away urushiol oil, which gives poison ivy its ability to create major itch! Also, spritz some vodka before heading outdoors to ward off those pesky insects!

Coffee Grinds for Cellulite: Though not a permanent solution, this trick is wonderful for days when you will be sporting shorts or a skirt. Mix coffee grinds with some olive oil and apply to those thighs and other cellulite-d areas. Wrap in plastic wrap and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, remove and shower off. Do this entire procedure in the bathtub as it is very messy.

Leftover Oatmeal: Don’t throw it out! Leftover oatmeal can be used to treat acne; apply and let set for several minutes then rinse with warm water. Leftover oatmeal is also good for neutralizing odors; place an open container in the fridge.

Do you have any interesting uses for everyday foods? Share it with us below!

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