Gettin’ Buggy

Summer conjures up feelings of sunny days, gardens, picnics, parks, swimming and, well, bugs. And though we certainly wish to honor all of God’s creatures; some of them can turn a well-planned outing into an itchy event and others tend to make our gardens a bit less bountiful. Before you start spraying (or hire someone to start spraying) toxic bug killing chemicals around your house and yard, try out some of these natural bug deterrents.

Diatomaceous Earth is a remarkable, all-natural product that is made from tiny fossilized water plants. To insects, it’s tiny razor sharp edges are lethal. The substance, however, is safe for warm blooded animals and most beneficial insects (bees, ladybugs, etc). It can be used to control countless types of insects and bugs, including fleas, lice, bed bugs and parasites. Learn how to use Diatomaceous Earth here.

There are several natural and effective bug spray repellents on the market. Check out Repel Lemon Eucalyptus or BiteBlocker Organic Xtreme. You can also make your own Neem Oil Mosquito Repellent.

Borax has numerous uses, however, only use it where pets and children cannot get to it as it can be toxic if ingested. Mix 1 cup sugar and 1 cup Borax in a quart jar, sprinkle it around the foundation of your home – ants will eat it for the sugar and be poisoned by the Borax. If cockroaches are an issue, sprinkle it in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets to keep them at bay. In the case of flea infestation, sprinkle Borax lightly over carpets, then use a broom to “work it into” the carpet. As well, it can be sprinkled on upholstered furniture. Let the Borax sit for at least an hour than vacuum it, and the fleas, away. Make sure to replace the vacuum cleaner bag after the fact.

Check out Ehow for even more ideas!



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