Adrenal Fatigue

Some symptoms of adrenal fatigue include chronic tiredness, poor sleep or sleep that does not cause you to feel refreshed, a feeling of being overwhelmed, a sensitivity to light and cold, slow to recover from injury or illness, brain fog, poor digestion, low immunity, severe pre-menstrual syndrome, irritability, depression, arthritis, low libido, and even allergies.

To see if you are experiencing adrenal fatigue, you can do an easy self test at home; it is called the Iris Contraction Test. For this test you will need a chair, a small flashlight, a watch with a second hand or a stopwatch, and a dark room. To do the test:

  • Sit in the chair in front of the mirror in a dark room. You may wish to sit in the darkened room for about 5 to 10 minutes to allow the pupils to completely dilate (use the time to meditate).
  • Next, hold the flashlight at the side of your head and shine it across one eye (not directly into the eye) for about 30 seconds.
  • Watch what happens in the mirror, your pupil should contract immediately after the light hits the eye, signifying strong adrenals. Your pupils should remain contracted with the light, if they begin to dilate, this is a sign of adrenal fatigue.

Another easy test is to scratch a line across your stomach using your fingernail; the line should immediately turn red. If the line remains white, adrenal fatigue is a possibility.

Next blog we will talk about how to heal those fatigued adrenals – see you then!

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