Wonderful Watermelon

Wet your summer whistle with juicy nutritious watermelon! Watermelon is a high source of Vitamin C, B6, B1, Potassium, Magnesium and Beta Carotene. It is also a concentrated source of Caratenoid Lycopene, which is an anti-cancer nutrient. When selecting watermelon make sure to use your senses:

• Touch: The melon should feel firm to the touch and feel heavy for its size.

• Eyes: Make sure it is free from cracks, bruises, soft spots and mold.

• Nose: It should smell like melon! So give it a good sniff.

• Ears: When you thump it, it should sound dull and hollow.

• Taste: If you have used the other senses to choose your melon, it is sure to taste flavorful and refreshing!

It is recommended to wash the watermelon with soap and water before cutting. Also, be sure to save the seeds for tea. Watermelon seed tea is a diuretic and works as a stimulant to purify the kidney and bladder. Simply pour a pint of boiling water over a tablespoon of watermelon seed (ground or cut), then allow it to steep and cool. Recommended dosage is three days per week; make it fresh each time. Watermelon is wonderful on its own, but if you are feeling a bit creative try tossing watermelon cubes with lime juice and fresh mint for a delightful treat. A fabulous accompaniment to any barbecue is a salad made of watermelon cubes, feta cheese and red onion. Freeze watermelon cubes for use in smoothies or slushies. Also, try blending watermelon with some orange juice for use in making cool popsicles. Enjoy!

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