Add a Little Spice to Your Bath

Last blog we talked about using various spices and herbs as a basis for healing teas. Today we are going to talk about using spices and herbs for a healing bath. If your taste buds are not getting too excited about drinking certain flavors as a tea, allow them to instead soak into your skin as you bathe. As well, children may be more apt to hang out in a bath than to drink a tea they’ve deemed as yucky.

To use spices and herbs in your bath, first fill up your tub with very hot water.  Place the spices/herbs in a tea ball or in muslin cloth and secure. Steep for 15 minutes, allowing the bath to cool to a comfortable temperature. Now soak for 30 – 45 minutes.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Oregano is good for achy muscles; perfect for a good soak after a long workout or day of strenuous physical work.
  • Bay Leaf has strong antiseptic properties and is known for respiratory congestion support. If you are feeling flu-like, take a bath with bay leaf!
  • Mustard (Ground Mustard Powder) makes for a great foot bath. Add 1 Tbs to hot water (to tolerance, make sure it is not scalding).  Not only does it have anti-fungal properties, but it is a fabulous stimulant for circulation.
  • Nutmeg is very calming and induces sleep. This is wonderful for children, as well as adults, with ADD or ADHD.
  • Thyme is a slow release spice, when used in cooking it is typically added early on in the cooking process. Chest or breathing problems can be greatly alleviated by using thyme in your bath. As well, it is beneficial for fungal skin infections.
  • Rosemary baths are very relaxing and help to oxygenate the body; it gets those cells moving and brings blood to the surface.

These herbs, spices and many more are included on my Back to Basics DVD/Workbook. I teach powerful methods to effectively bring out the amazing medicinal properties of these ingredients; most of which can be found with just a quick trip to your own kitchen!


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