Sacred Space, Sacred Time

Allowing ourselves space and time to unwind, regroup, and rejuvenate is a loving act. Though such time and space may be considered a luxury, it is in reality a great time and energy saver.  The thing is, we actually know this. We just do not plan for it and it simply gets lost in the shuffle.

Many of us plan for diet and exercise and other healthy pursuits. However, we do not plan time to do “nothing.” Yet it is in this “nothing” space that something wonderful can come about. When we calm our busy minds, we provide space for our inner messages and guidance to be heard. This is a huge time saver.

Following our inner guidance, or voice, puts us into “the flow.” Meaning we are not just running about, trying this and that, and making plans based on some wild inkling brought about by a commercial claim. We find we are not compelled to try the newest gadget, latest fad, or current trend. We instead follow that voice that makes such sense for us, even if it does not make sense to anyone else. It is our voice, it speaks our truth for us, and we need not waste time on the rest.

Your sacred space can be anywhere and can take place at any time. Waiting in line at the grocery store? Take yourself out of that time, just be there, take a deep breath and listen. Have five minutes before you have to get onto your next project? Sit down, sit still, connect and hear what your voice is longing to share.

What has your inner guidance or voice shared with you as of late?


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