Summer Slushies

I love the summer sunshine just as much as anyone, but as we head into July it seems that the hot keeps getting hotter and the humidity rises into the stratosphere. Though I love lemon water, iced tea and the like, sometimes I want a bit more flavor and oomph to my cool down beverages. So, let’s talk slushies.

First you will need a slushie maker. I suggest Back to Basics Slushie Express, which is available at on-line retailers as well as places like Target and Kmart. This basic model will cost a bit over $20 and will include the slushie maker along with a tumbler/straw combo. Additional tumblers are also available for purchase so you can make slushies for the crew. As well you can buy syrups for use in making slushies, but I have a far better idea; slushies that are just as satisfying, but also nutritionally sound.

Making healthy slushies requires a bit of preparation and information:

  • Make some flavored ice cubes, plain old ice cubes will dilute the final product and not be quite as tasty.
  • The average ice cube tray holds about two cups of liquid, so for example, when you brew your tea or coffee, make enough to fill an ice cube tray or two.
  • Cut up some fruit in bite sized pieces, and freeze them (or just purchase some frozen fruit to have on hand). Fruit is a great flavor and nutrition booster!
  • Whatever liquid you will be using should be cold, give brewed beverages like tea and coffee time to cool down in the fridge first.

Now it is time to experiment. Play around with one of the myriad of available teas, juices, and flavored stevia.  Have fun and keep cool! If you come up with a winner recipe share it with us here. Keep an eye out for the next blog as I will be sharing some of my favorite slushie recipes with you!

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