A Re-Call to Nature; Part 1

Recently, Tylenol recalled a number of their products, including many of their children’s products. With this in mind, I thought I would dedicate the next couple of blogs to sharing some alternatives to drug store offerings with you. When our children are suffering we want to take their pain away as soon as possible. Often, we need just a bit of information to help us to help our children and avoid unnecessary “solutions.”

Let’s begin with stomach aches. These can sometimes represent actual heart stress; in my office I offer a Reams test that is quite valuable for determining if the heart is under undue stress. If the child is experiencing frequent stomach aches it may be a good idea to visit a trusted practitioner in order to have them properly checked out.

Other factors that may cause stomach aches in children may be:

  •  Gastroenteritis (stomach flu), in this case you need to make sure the child drinks plenty of fluids and keep them as comfortable as possible. As nerve racking as this can be for a parent, generally speaking, a flu simply needs time to allow for healing.
  • Milk allergy or lactose intolerance – be mindful of the connection between dairy products and stomach aches, then eliminate such foods from your child’s diet if need be.
  • Constipation is the most common cause of stomach ache, especially as children begin to eat new foods and experience changes in their diet. It requires time for the child’s digestive system to adjust to their new diet. Help move things along by having the child eat pears, prunes, and/or peas; foods to avoid are bananas and rice.
  • Upper respiratory illness, believe it or not, can also cause a stomach ache. This is due to the mucus that drips into the stomach. Many times the child will just throw it up (yucky, but effective). If accompanied by a sore throat, fever, and headache, the child may have strep throat. In this case, a health professional should be contacted immediately.
  • Appendicitis results in a severe stomach ache, especially in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, along with fever and vomiting. If the stomach ache worsens, and the child cannot keep anything down, including water, then a trip to the Emergency Room is in order.
  • Gas can be very painful. The culprit may be something as seemingly harmless as juice. Watch your child’s juice intake, and try to limit it to 4 – 6 ounces per day.

Next blog we will cover headaches, fever and pain.




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