A Re-Call to Nature; Part 2

Recently, Tylenol recalled a number of their products, including many of their children’s products. In my last blog I covered information about stomach aches. Today we are going to look at headaches, fever and pain.

Headaches can point to dehydration; simply drinking a glass of water may be all that is required. If this does not work have the child take a warm bath in Epsom salts. Headaches may also be a sign of allergies, in this case probiotics are in order.

When children have a fever, many reach for an over the counter fever reducer. Keep in mind that not all fever is bad, in fact it is the body’s natural response to a foreign invader – this is how the body burns it out! Most of the time your best bet is to keep the child comfortable with baths, have them drink plenty of fluids, and make sure they get tons of rest. There are some herbal teas and essential oils that help to maintain the fever while not eliminating it altogether. As long as the fever does not exceed 102 degrees, let it run its course, otherwise seek professional attention.

Finally, let’s consider pain relief. Constantly stopping the pain is like putting a piece of duct tape over the oil light in your car – just because you cannot see or feel it does not mean it is cured.  Pain can be a signal that some organ(s) in the body need help to cleanse, nourish and re-strengthen. In this case, I highly recommend visiting a trusted practitioner that can suggest a supportive protocol to bring your body back to optimal functionality.

At Family Holistic Health Solutions we have many wonderful options that aid in the process and that make sense for your particular issues. Call u to discuss.

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I am dedicated to providing affordable alternative and/or complimentary services to align the body, mind and spirit to heal. Contact me at 1-800-493-8982 or info@familyholistichealthsolutions.com.
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