Knees Pleasers

Knees, along with lower back and neck, tend to be one of the areas of the body that experience overstress. Keep them strong and healthy with these suggestions:

  • Exercise your knees to keep them strong.  Many of these easy exercises can be done in the evening while watching TV. Spend a few minutes, a few times per week, performing these 6 easy exercises provided by Real Age and you will find an extra skip in your step before you know it!
  • Gaiam offers a great DVD for under $16, it’s called Strong Knees.
  • Don’t forget to stretch! For the two best stretches for knees, check out this video.
  • Many people turn to Glucosamine as a supplement to help with knee pain. If this is not doing it for you, try a combination of Celadrin & MSM. The bottle may say to take three capsules a day, but start with one and see if you get relief. If not, you can always add in a bit more later.
  • Be very aware of your movement. When you walk or go down the stairs, do you put a lot of weight on your knees? Do you feel your body weight sinking into your knees? This is a sure sign that you are over stressing your knees. Instead, think about standing tall and using your core, your abdominal muscles, to support your weight. Spend about 15 minutes, 3 – 4 times per week, strengthening your core. Check out this easy routine on Real Simple.

Keeping those knees healthy and strong will greatly extend your quality of life. Being able to freely move about is a wonderful way to feel in your everyday life. Take care of those knees!

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