With all the crazy high temperatures it is time we take a pause to think cool thoughts and create some even cooler ways to cool down. Cool by you? (Is my overuse of the word “cool” helping at all?)

Here are some Cool-Aids for you:

I have a friend who attends outdoor theater during the summer, she shared with me a wonderful solution for getting through a show without losing your cool. Simply wet a washcloth for each person attending the event, squeeze out the excess water and place the plastic bags in the freezer. They are easily transportable in a cooler. Once at the event, simply take out washcloth, wrap it about your neck and Ta-Da! Instant cool.

A cool water bath for your footsies is always on order. Simply use a container large enough to hold cool water and soak. You may also consider including a few drops of peppermint essential oil to rev up those tired dogs, or eucalyptus oil for sore, tired toes.

Drink water, then drink more water. If you find water too boring, make it a bit more interesting. Freeze slices of orange, lemon or lime in ice cubes for an inviting way to enjoy your H2O. Or treat yourself to a spa-like treat, water with cucumber slices and fresh mint leaves is very refreshing.

Choose some cool locations for a family activity; go out and see a movie, head to the nearest ice cream store, visit a local book store/café for some Arnold Palmers (ice tea mixed with lemonade) and light reading!

I hope these cool-aids help you to bring the temperature down! Be sure to share some of your ways of staying cool with us below!



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