Bounce You

Do you bounce? I do – just about every day. And why do I do such a thing? First, it’s fun and easy. Second, it is so good for me on so many levels. And third, because I can (and will be able to for many years to come). A few minutes of bouncing can go a long way in helping you to achieve your health goals.

I am talking about an amazing form of exercise using a mini trampoline. A quality mini trampoline will cost around $150 on up. Do not even bother with the $20 to $30 versions, you’ll end up needing a new one every few months; a waste of time, money and more stuff for the landfill.

There are many things to take into a consideration; you want to make sure the mini-trampoline is of good construction; strong and secure material, heavy duty springs, with easy to replace parts. Keep all this in mind when choosing your trampoline.

Of course, bouncing burns calories and revs up your metabolism, definite pluses. But it is also very easy on the joints, it does not take tons of time and is amazing for moving lymph; pair this with dry body brushing and your lymph will move freely, easily and keep you fresh and healthy.

Just as with any exercise, you should spend at least five minutes stretching before you bounce. Keep your routine fresh by using some creativeness in your bouncing, but do make sure you have good form and practice a bit before venturing into to side to side jumps, twists, and turns. For more ideas click here. There are DVDs available, check out JumpSport or iRebounder.  Also check out this page.

So my question to you is – Do U Bounce U?






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