Eat Your Weed-ies

There is a huge market dedicated to destroying weeds from our gardens and yards. Okay, so while I get that weeds may not be as cute as daffodils, some are actually quite attractive.  I also get that weeds can really take over the place, but with heartiness like that, why wouldn’t you want to take on a bit of that nature!

Look out your window, surprisingly there are probably a lot of healthy weeds growing in abundance out there; unless of course you are killing them with toxic herbicides.  Why not let some of those weeds go wild! Not only will you save a bit on groceries, but you can really get your health on? The key is to know what is good to eat as well as good for you.

Let’s look at a few wonderful weeds!

1)     Dandelions are delicious and nutritious; beneficial for the liver, urinary tract, and female productive system, they also have cancer- and virus-fighting properties. There is not one part of the dandelion that cannot be used. The greens are nutritionally dense; serve raw in salads, or blanch them as serve as a side dish (blanching will remove any bitterness which may occur if they have already flowered). The sap from the cut stem is great to use on blemishes, warts and insect stings. The flowers may also be added to a salad as well and they make a lovely edible garnish.

2)     Red Clover is great for menopausal systems as it helps to balance estrogen levels. It can be used in a tonic to purify and revitalize, is high in calcium and useful for treating respiratory issues. The flowers are wonderful in salads. A fun idea is to add some pizzazz to your ice tea or lemonade by freezing the flowers in ice cubes.

3)     Chickweed is wonderful for the lymph and glandular systems. It also helps to neutralize acid, and is beneficial for fevers. When cooked it tastes a bit like spinach, but you can also use it raw in salads. For a good flu tea, add 1 Tbs of dried chickweed to 1 cup boiling water, steep for 10 min. Drink ½ cup, 2 – 4 times a day.

For some additional information about weeds that are good for you, check out Lady Barbara’s Garden Page.




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