Toes and Soles

Our feet carry us through life. We walk, run, jog, skip and hop; and we do so due to our feet. Sometimes we stand our ground and other times we may lose our footing; we use these terms to explain our stance at a given time. But our feet can reveal even more, let’s start with those adorable tootsies.

No kidding, there is such a thing as a toe-reader. According to Holly Petersen, A Master Toe Reader, our toes tells us quite a bit more about our walk of life, at this current moment in time, than we may know. Let’s take a look at some toe tips:

Big Toe – Destiny

The element for this toe is ether. If your big toe is straight, then you are headed straight toward your goals and you are not apt to deter from your path. If the toe curves then you are still in a state of discovery.

Second Toe – Communication

The element for this toe is air. If the second toe is shorter than your big toe, you are in a state of communication that has you saying the right thing at the right time. If it is the same length as the big toe you currently solve issues through creative communication.

Third Toe – Passion

The element for this toe is fire. A straight and flat third toe means you know what you want and you are going for it. If it points a bit downward you are procrastinating a bit on finding your path; but no worries, when you find that passion, you will make your move!

Fourth Toe – Relationships

The element for this toe is water. A straight fourth toe points toward popularity; everybody wants to be in your circle. A curvy fourth toe means you have fewer friends, but they are people you can really count on.

Pinky Toe – Prosperity

The element for this toe is earth. If this little piggy is skinny then you have an entrepreneurial spirit that will point you toward prosperity. A chubby piggy makes you a leader in the finance department; your advice could be golden.

So take a good look at those wiggly appendages and gain some grounded insight into the path you are currently walking!

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