Toes and Soles – Part 2

In my last blog we talked about our toes, this week we connect with our soles. When is the last time the soles of your feet touched actual earth? More than likely you cannot even recall; most of us do not walk out of doors without shoes upon our feet.  Enter Earthing; a relatively new therapy that suggests that the simple act of touching bare feet to ground can have a surprisingly positive effect on health.

In bare feet we are better able to ground ourselves and connect with the earth’s energies; this energy has a balancing and calming effect on us. Studies conducted at the Connecticut School of Medicine show this connection creates a reduction in inflammation, pain, blood sugar levels and stress. At the same time people have shown an increase in immunity, quality of sleep and hormonal harmony.

This makes sense! Skin to skin contact between mother and child has shown to be quite beneficial for both parties. Why should this be any different for us and our Mother Earth? A physical connection to nature really does make a difference!

Everyone and anyone can benefit from but a few moments of barefoot walking, standing or even sitting with feet touching earth. For those with more chronic conditions an extended barefoot session of 30 or more minutes per day may be required for optimal therapeutic benefits. Though walking is wonderful, simply sitting with your feet in the grass can work as well. Water and salt increases the conductivity, so bare feet on dewy grass or damp sand only enhances the energy.

Connect your soul and soles to Mother Earth and experience her calming, balancing and giving energy! Also, check out this link to see how others have benefitted from this amazing and easy therapy.

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