Painful Un-Reminders

Sometimes pain robs us of our joy and is greedy for all our attention; it may even leave us to focus on nothing but the pain. Take back your life and control by re-focusing on something pleasant – send that pain a’ packin’.

1) Focus on a photo. Pull out your vacation or birthday pictures and reminisce. Search on the internet to find beautiful scenes in nature or a videos set to lovely scenery and music. Allow yourself to be with these images and reconnect with your soul.

2) Close your eyes, sit or lie back and breath. When thoughts arise, simply send them on their way. Just be. Practice replacing the pain with silence and awareness of your greater self.

3) Listen to calming or uplifting tunes. There are so many choices; spiritual, inspirational, classical and music set to nature sounds. Let them play all day long, it will positively charge the energy of your living space!

4) Our imaginations are an amazing tool for transforming any and every experience. Be creative and use your imagination to see and feel the pain melting away, place healing green light around the pain and allow it to dissipate, or feel your body as the ocean and allow the tide to carry your pain away.

5) Laugh! It really does help you to forget your troubles. Find a good fun movie, put it in and let your laughter (and pain) loose.

6) Connect with Mother Earth. In an earlier blog I introduced you to Earthing. Go outside sans shoes and let those bare feet connect with the earth. This has shown to have numerous benefits, including the easing of pain.

Know, believe and see your ability to move beyond pain!

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