Healthy Box Lunches for Kids

New pencils, notebooks and backpacks have been purchased, sleeping and activity schedules are getting on track, and the teachers have been met. We are settling into a new school year. Now let’s turn our attention to the lunch box.

Packing your child’s lunch box is always the best choice. Have you seen what most schools serve for lunch? No longer does the lunch lady “cook,” instead she opens up a bag or box of processed, pre-cooked and pre-packaged food, then heats it up.  The food is not particularly nutritious, nor tasty. With a bit of organization you can be sending your children off to school with a lunch that is nutritious.  Good food choices will help your children all the way around. Think of it as fueling them for their day; allowing them to be at their best for learning, physical activity, as well as sleep.

Kids are more likely to eat food that is packaged in an appealing way. This is why those bright cartooned packaged food items catch the eyes of your kids and have them begging you to buy them! You can do the same. Consider choosing fun lunch boxes like Bento Boxes, colorful containers, and eco-friendly packaging.  Make their lunches fun by including notes, or adding in a special treat every once in awhile.

Next blog we’ll talk about lunch box food choices that are quick to prepare and easy on the pocketbook.

Let’s keep those kids healthy! Set up a consultation with me to talk about the things you can do to help boost their immune system. Contact me at or 800-493-8982.


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