Healthy Lunch Items for Kids

In my last blog I talked about fun, colorful, and eco-friendly lunch boxes for kids. Today we’ll talk about what to pack inside.

Juice boxes are easy, but too much juice equals too much sugar; plus think of all the waste. Water in reusable water bottles are always a better choice. Especially recyclable, 100% BPA-free water bottles. I have had amazing luck finding just such water bottles at great prices at TJ Maxx – no kidding!  Since kids are not always big fans of water – you may need to liven it up a bit with some flavored stevia. As well you can cut up fruit, like strawberries or peaches, place these in a pitcher, add water and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours or more. Strain and you have yummy water. Herbal teas are another good choice, add just a bit of honey or fruit juice to sweeten.

Be sure to include the proper food groups; protein, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Kids like finger foods; think cubed cheese, melon, veggies and chicken. Get in the habit of preparing a few extra chicken breasts each time you cook dinner so you have these ready for lunches as well. They also love to dip food, so include a container of salsa, hummus or salad dressing.

Fruit, of course, is an easy and healthy lunch box addition. Finally, whole grains like popcorn (popped in coconut oil, very yummy), mini whole-grain bagels or crackers are another fine choice. Check out Annie’s for some yummy, healthy and lunch box friendly choices. For more ideas click here.

To make the whole lunch packing process easier, have the kids be a part of the process. While you’re cooking dinner, have them prepare their water, place the food in containers and get it all packed in the lunch box. Having them participate will give them more of an incentive to eat it as they were a part of it.

Also, be sure to set up a consultation with me to talk about what you can do to easily and affordably help boost their immune system before we head into the cold and flu season. Contact me at or 800-493-8982.

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