Vaccinating Our “Other Children”

If you have a family dog then you know how they are just as much a part of the family as the rest of the members. We are just as dedicated to our dog’s health as we are to that of our children. We take them to their vet to get all their shots, then receive the annual postcard reminders to come back in for more.

As an advocate for family health, I have to question vaccination. It seems that there are just too many studies showing how our tendency to over vaccinate is doing more harm than good. In reality, we may not even need to vaccinate our dogs at all. According to an article published by Dogs Naturally Magazine, the author Catherine O’Driscoll shares the following findings:

* 66% of all sick dogs start being sick within three months of vaccination, which is considerably more than double the expected rate of illness.

* 49% of all illnesses reported in the survey occurred within 30 days of vaccination. This is over five times the expected percentage if vaccination had no bearing on subsequent illness.

* 29% of sick dogs first became sick within seven days of their vaccine jab.

* This means that a dog is 13 times more likely to become ill within seven days of vaccination than at any other time.

You have to wonder why we spend our time and money to create the possibility of illness for our dogs?

Dogs Naturally Magazine is offering a free webinar by Dr. Patricia Jordan on just this subject, September 20, 20ll at 8pm Eatern. To sign up go here. In an article by Houston Chronicle Medical Writer, Leigh Hopper, “What many pet owners don’t know, researchers say, is that most yearly vaccines for dogs and cats are a waste of money – and potentially deadly. Shots for the most important pet diseases last three to seven years, or longer, and annual shots put pets at greater risk of vaccine-related problems.”

If you are leery about vaccinating your dogs, then you should be. If you vet does not support your decision to cease over vaccination (or vaccination at all), then find a vet that does. At the website Dogs4Dogs, you will find a search tool for finding just such a vet.

Here is to you and happy, healthy puppies!

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