Crock Pot Cooking

Autumn stirs up thoughts of warm soups and comfort food. We move from outside grilling to inside cooking; and what easier way to cook than with the reliable crock pot? Crock pot cooking has moved from recipe books to online big time. Enter The Crock Pot Girls, these ladies are making quite the stir with close to 2,000,000 fans on their Facebook Page, they had hit the 1,000,000 mark in just 2 weeks of putting up their page – Wow! Their Facebook Fans are active with crock pot aficionados from around the globe sharing recipes and the joy and ease of crock pot cooking.

Their web page is full of great information. They have a full offering of recipes which include appetizers, beverages, full meals, desserts and even recipes for game day! Before you make your next grocery store run stop by their page and make a list of the necessary ingredients you’ll need for one of their amazing recipes. As well, you can find various available apps dedicated to crock pot recipes (no kidding) for your smart phone, download one and you’ll have recipes with you wherever you go.

Also on The Crock Pot Girls web site are tips and tricks, links to their blog and links to the Crock Pot Monday YouTube videos, where they share and show you how to make a fabulous crock pot creation. Streamline your cooking this autumn and into the winter with these amazing online crock pot resources.

Have a favorite crock pot recipe to share? Post it below!

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