Market You

If you have your own business, there are four places that you need to market yourself and your expertise.

  • Your Industry – you need to market within your own industry in order to keep up with the trends, be familiar with what your competition is up to and be aware of opportunities to buy another business or sell yours.
  • Networking Groups – These are invaluable resources for any business. This is where you meet the people that can not only use your services, but can refer you to the people they market to. I am an active networker with Team National (this is how I have built my business!). Be sure to contact me if you want to learn more.
  • Educational Opportunities – It is a good idea to develop a few presentations ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, as well as develop a workshop. Let networking groups and other organizations know that you are available to speak at their next meeting. I have heard it said to never get in the front of a room without selling on the back end, so be ready to create a necessity for your service or product within your presentation so you are leaving with cash in hand.
  • Social Media – provides an opportunity to consistently market to and actively engage with your clients, potential clients, fellow networkers and colleagues. According to Mich Hancock, owner of 100th Monkey Media and go-to-gal for all things social media, “Social Media levels the playing field for all businesses. The same tools are available to everyone, but not everyone, even the big guys, necessarily know how to use it effectively. It is a place where every business can really make an impact and find great value for growing their business and presence.” Mich teaches classes for those wishing to learn how to effectively handle their own social media, as well she provides full creation and management of social media for businesses that with to concentrate their time on their core expertise. She can be contacted at

Be sure to utilize all these avenues and you will stay motivated as you watch your business grow!



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I am dedicated to providing affordable alternative and/or complimentary services to align the body, mind and spirit to heal. Contact me at 1-800-493-8982 or
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