Parenting is a tough job; a tough job that requires much care and attention. It also requires balance, and though we never stop parenting, our families do need to strike a balance between activity and rest. Parenting goes into over drive when emphasis is put on crafting perfect children. We go into hyper-parenting when we provide them with too many opportunities, hoping that they will excel and move ahead of their peers.

Outside of the school day, it is certainly healthy for children to participate in other activities; perhaps a sport or club or group. But when these activities take up every night of the week and most of the weekends, we are providing unhealthy lives and expectations for our children. Children need rest and downtime; they need time to sit, be quiet, play a game of checkers. This over activity is unhealthy for parents as well. Hyper-parents tend to lose their own identity; they instead tie their identity into that of their children. Therefore, when the child excels or experiences a “win,” the parent takes it on as their own “win.”

Does this sound even remotely close to healthy?

Take some time right now to assess your family’s activity schedule. If you are constantly on the run, with little to no downtime, if you don’t have a few nights at home each week, then you are over-extending yourself and your children. Reel it in and let go of hyper-parenting, simply be there to parent. You and your children will be healthier for it.




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