Chatter Matter

Are you aware of that little voice inside your head? The one that tries to take you out for the count! The one that is filled with more can’ts, won’ts and impossibles, than cans, wills and probables? If your head is filled with such nonsense it is time to take a good look at this chatter matter.

Chatter matter is an un-motivator. It is the culmination of years of you feeling as if you are not living up to snuff. It is chatting away inside your head, reminding you of your every misdeed and every failure. Chatter matter is detrimental to your well being. It creates madness.

The first step to dealing with chatter matter is to be aware. Every time you “hear” it, stop it in its tracks, then create a place of gratitude and move on. Gratitude may be difficult to muster, but you must muster it. You must be thankful for all that has come to pass, as it has served you in some way – we do not grow without mistakes; we do not know success without failure.

Scatter that chatter into the wind and let it blow away. Begin to cultivate an inner calmness. Create an environment of loving and encouraging words where you honor your lessons and are thankful. The more you do this, the better you will feel. Think less chatter and more cheering. Become your own personal cheerleader!

Be sure to share with us how you deal with your chatter matter!

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