Financial Stress (and Mess!)

How do we do this? So many of us are dealing with amazing financial stress. It feels as if our very financial structures and institutions are crumbling about our feet. We cannot afford health insurance, we cannot afford life insurance, we can barely afford electricity and gas – we can no longer afford our lives.

What the heck are we supposed to do?  How do we deal with all this?

Here are some helpful attitudes that can help you to get through this most painful financial crisis:

  • Realize you are not alone. So many of us are going through is and it is not just you. It is what is going on, the market is that bad.
  • Your finances do not speak to you as the wonderful person you are! Are you working? Are you working hard? Do you in your heart know that you are working to meet every bill and expectation? Then you have nothing to be ashamed of, you are doing the best you can do – good for you!
  • Think of all of this as a correction. Financial matters are way out of control. As a result, there is a break down occurring right now. Once the system is completely broken, the energy will open up for us to rebuild. Keep breathing. Everyday tell yourself, this is a correction, and even though it is exceptionally difficult it will be okay, rebuilding is on the way.
  • Think local. Begin to allow community to be the order of the day. There is a good chance that the mom and pop stores and the country doctor are going to make a comeback. We no longer trust the large conglomerates that do not seem to have our best interest in mind. Hang in there.
  • Honor this journey. Learn your lessons. It may feel dark, but there is light ahead, this will not last forever.  Good times are ahead.

This is how we do this. We keep moving forward and honor what has come to pass. Peace be to you and thank you for sticking it out with me!

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I am dedicated to providing affordable alternative and/or complimentary services to align the body, mind and spirit to heal. Contact me at 1-800-493-8982 or
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