Avoid the Flu

Avoid the Flu

Your best defense against the flu is to have a plan. So let’s take a look at what we can do now, and what supplies you may need in order to avoid that nasty ole flu.

1)      Avoid Flu Shots. This may seem counterproductive, but flu shots are filled with rather undesirable ingredients and too many possible side effects. Think natural, think reasonable and you will sail through the season flu free.

2)      Get Plenty of Sleep and Exercise. I know, this is a no brainer, but we do tend to take on too much during the holiday season only to end up forgoing exercise and running on little sleep. So, this is just your friendly reminder from your friendly neighborhood Naturopath.

3)      Take a Daily Dose of Elderberry Extract. Just 2 teaspoons per day can knock out several strains of flu, or at the very least greatly decrease the symptoms and amount of time that the flu virus is able to survive in your system.

4)      Housekeeping Notes. Add 1 ounce of bleach to 1 quart of water, once a week pop on some rubber gloves and use the solution to wipe down handles, knobs, and any other much handled surfaces.

5)      Support Your Immune System with Mushrooms. Shiitake, Reishi and Maitake mushrooms can help you to improve your chances of fighting off infection by increasing the production and activity of white blood cells.

6)      Be Positive! A good attitude can translate easily to good health. Know that you are healthy and strong in each and every cell of your being.

Happy Flu-Free Season! Have any other easy tips, share them with us below.


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