Get Ready for the Holidays

Think back to last holiday season. Did you run yourself ragged? Get too little sleep and spend way too much money? Did you allow your healthy routines to go by the way side? Did you even bother with a New Year’s Resolution?

It is only October, so if you begin to prepare right now the next few months may go by quite a bit smoother. Right now is the time to:

  • Email the out of town relatives and catch up. Find out what is new with them and what they are into doing, reading, eating, etc. Consider ordering their presents on line, allowing someone else to take care of the shipping for you.
  • Get your shopping list together now. Keep it with you, take a look at it before each shopping trip and if you see a good deal, grab it, store it, and wrap it when needed.
  • Begin buying all your presents now. What if you spread your holiday purchases over three months rather than just one month? May make it all the more easy.
  • Commit to saying “No.” Get over saying “Yes.” If you cannot afford to have everyone over for a particular holiday gathering, then do not offer to do so. If someone asks you to take it on, say you simply cannot, but let the person know you would be happy to help them have it at their place instead. If you are obligated to do so, ask others to bring prepared dishes, drinks and table décor.
  • Kids are so very handy! Have kids make holiday cards, place cards, table decorations, and other holiday decorations, etc. People love when kids take the time to do so and children love to step up and be a bigger part of the celebration.
  • No time to shop? Buy gift cards. So easy, so appreciated.
  • Tight on cash? Make your gifts. Here are some amazing ideas!
  • Give everyone a t-shirt designed with them in mind! Check out Big Frog. They have graphic design artist on staff to help you create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that you can have printed right on the spot. And all for only $15.99. Or buy each person a gift certificate and let them design their own. Check out the the St. Louis location’s Facebook Page.
  • Prepare your mind now.  Holidays can show up with what feels like little or no notice. Be ready, be prepared, sail through it with ease.

Do you have any great ideas you wish to share? Let us know below!

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