Think Warm!

The chilly days are here. Before those temperatures dip below the double digits, start thinking warm now. Here are some very easy tips!

1) Make sure all your windows are closed tight. We have spent the fall opening and closing windows with the ebb and flow of rising and declining temps. There is a good chance that some of those windows need a good tightening up as they have not been properly closed.

2) Find the drafty areas and block them. Some of your doors may have a gap at the bottom that allows the cold drafts to blow on through. Use a rolled up blanket under the doors to keep the drafts out. If need be, use weather stripping to fix the issue. For information on how to choose and install, check out this page.

3) Keep plenty of warm blankets close by. When hanging out to watch TV or reading a book, you are still and at risk of being colder than when moving about. Be sure to keep some blankets within reach. Also, consider using fingerless gloves and don’t forget a hat! Most of our heat leaves via our head, put a cap on it.

4) Use a space heater in a small space. Space heaters do not use as much energy as you may think, check out this blog on Kill-A-Watt to learn more.  Put one in the area of the house where everyone spends the most time.

5) Make sure to change your furnace filter, there is no need to make your furnace work harder than it needs to. Filters are inexpensive and easy to change and will save you money on your energy bill.

Start now and by the time the major winter winds blow through, you will be cozy and warm!

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