Get Inspired to Be Green

Is your city green? Does your city need to get its green on? Some large cities are leading the way in green, perhaps some of their ideas will inspire you.

Chicago took things to new heights with their Chicago Green Roofs Program. They have dedicated 2.5 million square footage of roof space to plants!

Hail a cab in Boston and don’t be surprised if a hybrid pulls up. The city is planning to replace their fleets with fuel efficient autos, as well as promote the use of solar and motor bikes.

Seattle is known for its rainy days and coffee, but it may also become known for its over 20 LEED Certified buildings. If you live in Seattle, there are also amazing incentives for residents to go solar. Go Seattle!

San Francisco has taken garbage collection to a whole new level by utilizing different colored trash bins for various types of “trash.” Blue bins are for recyclables, green for compostables and black bins for “everyday” garbage. This easy system has kept 77% less stuff out of the landfills. Call your garbage collector and ask if they are making plans to go greener.

Portland, Oregon is a city where going green is easy.  Classes abound to learn about all things green: beekeeping, gardening, organic food, and more! The city keeps environmentally friendly planning at the top of its list as they continue to create their green urban landscape. These efforts and more make them number one in sustainability.

Be the green inspiration in your community. Making the world a better place begins with one. Why not you?






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