Releasing Anger through Empathy

Some people can really get under our skin. Perhaps they always seem to find something mean or nasty to say to us or about us. Perhaps they do things that create angst and anxiety in our lives. Perhaps they live so against our grain, their mere existence makes us crazy. Within us they create anger. We can barely even think about them without getting angry. Sometimes we become a bit obsessed and think about what we are going to say to them the next time we see them or how we are going to handle their next ridiculous action.

Of course, none of this does us a bit of good. We are creating our own prison of anger; it keeps us bound in a place that does not allow for growth, nor grace. So how do you get out of it? You may do so through empathy.  Here is an exercise that may work for you.

Grab a pen and paper and sit quietly for a few moments. Now bring this person to mind, you may also look at a picture of them if you have access to one. Now, act as them, write about how you feel that they feel about you. This will bring forth a perspective that has escaped you before. Of course, their perspective may be way off and not even close to hitting the mark, but that does not matter. Allow the words to flow until you feel complete.

Many times when we view things from the other person’s perspective, information comes to light that allows us to see things in a very different manner. Though we may never agree with their view, we can at the very least have compassion for them. This exercise is meant to open your heart and love to them, as well as open your heart and love to yourself; it is meant to help you let go of the anger and live your life closer to joy.

Do this exercise several times if necessary. And share you experiences with me below.

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