More of That, Please

Having and Attitude of Gratitude does not necessarily mean that you will have more. You will, however, live more fully; you will see more and you will grow more. This attitude can carry you a good long way, but you have to watch out for the “buts.”

It’s easy to be thankful for our children (even when they are not exactly thankful to us for our sage advice and insights), or to be thankful for the food on our tables, or the roof over our heads. But, the “buts” can take the energy of gratitude and run it straight into the ground. When you say, for example, “I am thankful for the roof over my head, but I sure wish it didn’t leak and that I had the money to replace it,” you just took the attitude of gratitude and replaced it with an attitude of lack.

Instead, just be thankful for the roof, then say, “More of that, please.”

Let’s say you are walking down the street and you spot a penny. Yes, of course the penny will not buy you a thing, but it can be a start. So pick up the penny and say, “Thank you for this penny, more of that, please.” See if this attitude does not bring even more pennies your way.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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