New Year’s Resolution

One month from today is New Year’s Day. We begin 2012! The New Year is a time of hope. It is a time of year when we make our new plans, look to a brighter future and say, “This is the year that I am going to (fill in your resolution here).”

So what are you going to do differently next year than you did this last year? What is your New Year’s resolution for 2012?

Before you make that resolution, consider instead to create a New Year’s Vision. You can make this as elaborate or as easy as you wish. For those minimalists out there, go out and buy a white board, then write your 2012 visions/goals on it. White boards usually come with erasers, so if your goal changes at any time during the year, feel free to erase and refine.

For those crafty folks, make a vision board. Get a large piece of poster board, gather up your old magazines, grab the scissors and glue. Now cut and paste. Cut out pictures that speak to you and that are in alignment with where you are going and what you want to see manifest in your life.

Make sure that your white board or vision board is in a place that you can easily see it and refer to it often. You do not necessarily need to have it on display; perhaps you put it up on your closet door, in your work out space or office area.

What is your New Year’s Vision?

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