The Best of 2011

As we head into the New Year we take a moment to reflect upon the last year.  Take just five minutes to sit and write down what you have learned and how you have grown. For many of us, this past year has been quite a challenge! We met those challenges; we lived through them, learned from them, and grew from them. Yea us!

And now for a bit of fun, here is what others are serving up as remembrances from last year:

  • Here is a compilation of some of the more interesting YouTube videos from 2011
  • CNN shares the top viewed videos from YouTube in 2011
  • At the Life site, see their top photos from 2011
  • National Geographic also shares their top photos from 2011
  • What the world searched for the internet in 2011 can be found at Google Zeitgeist 2011
  • According to Yahoo, here are the top news stories of the year
  • Peter Travers of Rolling Stone shares his picks for Top 10 Movies of 2011.

Please share with me your own 2011 memories!

About angiechaudoir

I am dedicated to providing affordable alternative and/or complimentary services to align the body, mind and spirit to heal. Contact me at 1-800-493-8982 or
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2 Responses to The Best of 2011

  1. Lyndsey Davis says:

    My memory of 2011 was the founding of natural/holistic healthcare via YOU! Thank you Angie for all you have done and continue to do not only for our family but for all of those who want it for themselves. You truely are amazing!
    God Bless and Happy New Year!!
    Lyndsey D.

    • THANK YOU Lyndsey for being so wonderful:):) It has been a JOY to help you and your family:):) and you know…especially the little peeps:):) HAPPY NEW YEAR to you as well:)

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