To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate; Part 1

I am not a fan of vaccinations. First, we should not be required to put a darn thing in our bodies unless we CHOOSE to do so. Second, the ingredients in these vaccinations do not always make sense and are sometimes toxic themselves. Third, I am not convinced that we actually need vaccinations; God has provided us with an immune system – we just need to keep it in good working order.

With this in mind, this blog will address what you can do to keep your immune system in good running/protecting order, especially during these winter months. In my next blog we will talk about how to stand up for your right to not vaccinate.

Your immune system is truly amazing. We compromise it with stress, inadequate sleep, poor diet, no exercise and so on. So the easy answer is to put your health first and health will follow. During the winter we find ourselves in the company of coughing people at our offices, schools, and churches; a bit of extra oomph for the ole immune system is certainly in order.

Elderberry Syrup is an inexpensive winter immunity boost. Only 2 teaspoons a day will help you to either avoid the flu altogether or at the very least, greatly reduce your symptoms. I have one client that would hack and cough through the winter months; she finally turned to a popular (and expensive!) OTC expectorant for relief. This year she has yet to touch the OTC remedy, Elderberry Syrup has become her answer!  For more information on avoiding the flu, check out this earlier blog.

There are several Foods that can help with your immunity. Eat plenty of veggies, use lots of spices in your cooking, eat Clementines, have a tuna salad (full of glutamine), drink ginger tea and don’t forget the time honored chicken soup!

Drink up a cocktail of Vitamin C and B12, both are not only great for the immune system, but are a far better afternoon pick-me-up than coffee or sweet snacks. And don’t forget to take your Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin)!

Sleep! Make sure you get good sleep and plenty of it. Create a before bed ritual to signal your body that sleep is just around the corner. Perhaps write down your thoughts for the day, drink a cup of chamomile tea, say your prayers, set an intention for the next day – spend just 5 minutes in a calming ritual, and expect hours of restful sleep to come your way!

Have a Happy and Healthy Winter!



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3 Responses to To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate; Part 1

  1. Kathy Himmel says:

    Thanks so much Dr. Angie!! If not vaccinating our babies and young children, besides the obvious of a healthy diet, any recommendations to help boost their little immune systems?? Especially infants. Thanks!

    • For infants PROBIOTICS are a must:) For other children depending on the season you can choose several different herbs to support their immune systems. We tend to need less support in the summer months; possibly because we are outside and lots of fresh air and great food…. Elderberry is great from OCT thru APRIL for kids of all ages. Echinacea used accordingly the other months. But generally speaking a good multi vitamin/minerals and probiotics should do the trick.

  2. carashrum says:

    Reblogged this on Birthing 411 and commented:
    I know that vaccinations are very questionable as to how to handle when you want to go natural for your child but your pediatrician and school and friends and family have a different belief on what the care for your child should be. It gets to be all very confusing and hard to listen to your instincts. Here are some words from an expert Naturopath, Angie Chaudoir. I use Angie’s services and trust her knowledge and advice for the care of my own family.

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