Clean Up Your Act – Some Easy Solutions Part 1

Our bodies are bombarded with toxins on a daily basis. Whether these toxins are physical, mental or emotional, all can affect our health. Over these next two blogs we are going to look at some ways we can EASILY clean up our act and allow for some detoxing to take place.

  • Consider Your Cooking   If you are cooking in non-stick pots and pans, it is time to stop. Begin the process of replacing toxic kitchen-ware with good ole fashion stainless steel or cast iron. Also, never heat up anything in plastic! If you are still using a microwave, break up with it; it is much easier than you know. My family has been microwave-less for years and it has not made life more difficult, but it has made life less toxic!
  • Drink it Up   Make it a habit to always have a good-for-you drink within reach. Drink pure water, free from chlorine and fluoride (filter it!). This is a great time of year to sip on warm herbal teas; enjoyable and good for your lymphatic system. Feel a cold coming on? Add slices of fresh ginger to warm water and allow to steep. Drink this throughout the day, at least a half a cup every hour, and you may just avoid that cold!
  • Sweat it Out  Get a bit of working out in each day, I suggest jumping on a mini-trampoline for only 15 minutes a day. This can do wonders for you! If you cannot exert yourself, mix 1 cup of sea salt, 1 cup Epsom salts and 2 cups baking soda – use ¼ cup of this mixture per bath and soak to produce perspiration.

Start with these easy detox solutions and make 2012 a VERY HEALTHY and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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I am dedicated to providing affordable alternative and/or complimentary services to align the body, mind and spirit to heal. Contact me at 1-800-493-8982 or
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