Snow Days

The snow has fallen, the kids are home, the day is theirs. Snow days can provide a fun and expected break from our regularly scheduled lives. The kids will watch favorite shows, play video games, maybe even read a book or two, but at some point comes the inevitable “I’m bored, there is nothing to do” groans and moans.

Be ready with some fun ideas!

The next time you go to the dollar store, check out their craft section. You can usually find fun inexpensive items to have on hand that will keep them busy for a spell.

Keep a tube of sugar cookie dough on hand to make some quick cookies. Even easier, a box of vanilla wafers will work as well. Have the kids gather up the leftover holiday sprinkles, icing and candy, then let them use their creative culinary skills to decorate.

Hold onto toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and mismatched paper plates. These items, along with some construction paper and markers can come to life as puppets. Have kids create puppets, script a show, print up tickets, make popcorn and entertain mom and dad later that evening!

Pull out the iPad and download some fun games. Many of the games are free, some cost only a dollar or so. Some popular suggestions are Cut the Rope, Bejeweled Blitz, Unblock Me, Bubble Hit, Family Feud and Doodle Jump. For games with an educational twist look for Boggle, PopWords and MathBoard.

A quick search on YouTube or Ehow will give you tons of ideas for easy to do at home crafts. Another fun site is Instructables, where you will find a more funky take on crafty creation.

Happy Snow Day! Share your snow day ideas with us!

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