Coughing and Sneezing

Here we are again, winter. The beauty of snow, warm wooly mittens and colds, ugh!  If a cold catches us to you, send it packing sooner than later with these helpful remedies:

I talked about this in an earlier blog, Elderberry Syrup is a chock full of compounds that literally bind to viruses (even the flu virus) and stop them from attacking healthy cells. Just two teaspoons a day is all it takes.

Drinking two cups of Panax Ginseng Tea will help you to boost your immunity, cutting down the length of time you spend in cold-dom. It increases immune cell activity by 30%.

Clean out those sinuses with salt. A saline rinse is an easy and inexpensive way to knock out those cold viruses. One of the best and most simple solutions was created by a pediatrician, Dr. Hana, who was tired of seeing so many runny noses throughout the winter. Check out her Nasopure solution at her web site.

Drinking lots of fluids help carry those nasty viruses out of the body, so be sure to drink lots of water with fresh lemon. Hot tea with plenty of honey and lemon is another good drink; offering many cleansing and anti-bacterial qualities.

Also, do not try to power on, you will only extend the length of the cold. Your need to rest so that your body can use its energy to heal.

Colds are simply a reality of our winter lives. If one catches up with you, use these amazing easy remedies to send it on its way!

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