Sleep Positions

We have all slept in a “weird” position that leaves us feeling out of sorts the next day. Being conscious of how you sleep can be most helpful to you. Take a look at these positions to learn more:

* Back Position is the absolute best position for sleep. You will experience less overall pain if you can remain on your back throughout the night. It will also help to reduce acid reflux, while keeping those wrinkles (and saggy breasts!) at bay.

* Side Position is also good, especially if you are prone to snoring. As well, pregnant women will find that as their belly grows sleeping on their side is the most comfortable position. A body pillow is a great purchase if you are pregnant; it will serve especially well in the third trimester. Boppy is known for its baby pillows, they also make a prenatal version for mom-to-be!

* Fetal Position is the alternative to try if the side position is not working for snoring issues. Pull your knees up high and tuck in your chin; the curved spine helps to reduce diaphragmatic breathing. One note of caution however, if you have painful joints this position would not be a good choice for you.

* Stomach Position may ease snoring, but it is definitely not recommended. If you sleep on your stomach, begin to make the change over to a side position and eventually to your back. Sleeping on your stomach adds to neck and back pain, and can create posture issues.

Each night when you lie down to sleep, do a body check. How do you feel in the position you are in? Do you have any aches or pains? Use this awareness to change your sleeping position habit to one that is more beneficial and will make for a more chipper you during the day.

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1 Response to Sleep Positions

  1. wartica says:

    I think I sleep each and every way, that you’ve mentioned! I usually don’t stay in the same position for very long. Great post Angie and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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