Here is to Your Healthy Home

Some of my favorite things to share with readers are easy to implement health ideas that you can fit into your daily life. With that in mind, I share with you some very simple ways to up the health in your home.

  • Use non-toxic cookware like cast iron, not non-stick. Studies show that once non-stick cookware is heated it emits toxic particles and gases. Blah! For more information check out this study by the Environmental Working Group.
  • In an earlier blog, I discussed how a mild winter will mean more pests this spring and summer. Click here for some additional information on natural pest control. If the mice have moved in, gently move them along their merry way with the amazing solution from Fresh Cab. Also, make sure to have plenty of bird feeders about, this will help to cut down on pests overall.
  • In my book, How to Beat a Tough Economy, I share numerous recipes for cleaning products that you can make at home with basic ingredients like water, vinegar and baking soda. Always use these before choosing a chemical-laden cleaner.
  • Create a new family healthy habit of having everyone remove their shoes at the front door. This will greatly reduce the amount of dust-bound pollutants in your home.
  • Make your own mulch by composting; it will save you money and not add more to the landfill. Check out this easy video to get started!

Have any other healthy home ideas? Share them on my Facebook wall!

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