Stop Driving Yourself Crazy

I read something crazy the other day. Americans are commuting farther than ever. Even with gas prices soaring, we are driving further and spending more time in our cars. It is speculated, however, that most of this is due to the fact that people are finding it necessary to drive further distances in order to find employment, while at the same time housing markets are practically frozen.

Driving can be stressful, let’s look at some healthy ways to stop driving yourself crazy.

  • Use the headrest, it is there for a reason. Do not lean forward, this adds unnecessary stress to your neck. Lean slightly back and rest your head on the headrest.
  • Be mindful of your posture, don’t slump. This only increases the pressure on your spinal disks and will eventually lead to pain. Sit upright, however, as suggested in the first bullet point, do lean back slightly; this is the ideal driving posture.
  • Honor that curve in your lower back. Roll up a towel to match the approximate circumference of your forearm and tuck it into the small of your back.
  • Create a ritual where you stop along the way to your destination to pick up a coffee or hot tea.
  • Many of us stress out because we view our drive time as wasting time. While you absolutely should not be texting or reading emails, you can spend the multitask wisely. Try listening to an audio book, playing your favorite music, or listening to a podcast. There are podcasts on just about every subject you can imagine, listen to podcasts about your industry, your health or entertaining movie updates!
  • Finally, just surrender. Know that you are going to be in traffic and just be okay with it.

Stop driving yourself crazy, be a sane driver and learn a few new things along the way!

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1 Response to Stop Driving Yourself Crazy

  1. Deborah Palmer says:

    Another ‘stress reliever’ for those having to commute a distance to work is to ride the bus or train (ie, Metrolink) to work. They can fill their commute time reading, listening to their mp3 or iPod, playing electronic games, catching up on sleep or meeting new friends and visiting. I have and seen other people crochet, knit or some other type of small stitchery craft. I commute via the bus everyday I work and find it not only costs way less than gas for my car (not even thinking about maintenance, etc), but it’s ‘me’ time, too. It’s also the Green thing to do! If the bus or train doesn’t work for them, then find a carpool. Each major metro area has some carpooling type of network set up and can assist people in locating a carpool that works. Something to think about and share.

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